Merry Christmas and best wishes from the NowSure team.
As the NowSure blog celebrates its first Christmas, we've been asking some of our most popular contributors over the last couple of months to share their festive family traditions. Is turkey still top of their lunch list? Does the Queen's Speech trump the EastEnders Special on telly? And what about sprouts? Are they a veg too far or still a staple of the seasonal spread?
What is it about Christmas that makes most of us such fierce followers of tradition? Whether it's presents in pillowcases or playing a particular board game after polishing off the brandy butter, we stick to these Crimbo customs faithfully - with any deviation tantamount to seasonal sacrilege. Well, it seems celebs aren't any different. We've been scouring festive sources to find some of the oddest - and most endearing - ways the stars celebrate Noel, from seafood duties to delaying the entire day!
Christmas is a time for giving and for remembering those less fortunate than ourselves. It's a message that's been drilled into us from childhood, but how often do we take time out from the festive shopping and family get togethers to really reflect on what it means?