Time on your hands and a taste for writing? Our burgeoning social media and blogging culture means that it's never been easier to get your words heard. Starting out, however, can be a daunting task so this week we've been speaking to a host of brilliant bloggers about their top tips for creating an online profile and some great content to go with it.
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Pop stars do it all the time - announce they're retiring from music one moment, promote a global comeback tour the next. But it's not just our musical heroes which are returning back to their day job. Increasingly more and more of us are 'un-retiring'.
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Last year national headlines declared a "boom" in the number of over-50s choosing to be their own boss. Most news outlets attributed the trend to difficulties finding work in the economic downturn, but there's also been a fundamental shift in attitudes to work.
Becoming folks for the first time but afraid you're too old? Think again. There are a whole bunch of reasons why the age of parenting is going up.