• Insurance Products

    Insurance policies designed with members’ needs in mind, including up to £50,000 of life insurance with money back if you don’t claim; up to £20,000 over 50s accident cover for death, broken bones, burns or dislocations; and an income protection policy that pays out money every month if accident, sickness or unemployment stops you working.

    Life Cover

    Life insurance is designed to safeguard your family's financial future if you die. A policy arranged by NowSure, however, goes one step further and offers money if you survive the term of your policy

    Accident Protection Cover

    This Accidental protection cover provides you with the peace of mind that if you were to die as the result of an accident, the people you care about would be protected financially.

    Income Protection

    Protect My Dosh Income Protection Insurance is designed to keep you afloat financially if you're unable to work. It provides cash payments that kick in if you are off sick for more than 30, 60, 90 or 180 consecutive days. You choose.

    50+ Accident Cover

    50+ Personal Accident and Accidental Death insurance arranged by NowSure cushions the financial impact of an injury by paying out a cash lump sum if you suffer fractures, dislocations, burns or death as a result of an accident.

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